Welcome to our "Blog Roll"!

Here is a list of AAC related blogs that you may be interested in checking out.  Know of an AAC blog we should add to our list?  Please share!  Leave us a comment below.

Inclusion in this list to does not signify endorsement of any company or the content in any blog post.

Blogs written by parents of an individual who uses AAC

  • Hold My Words ~ an AAC mom writes about her young adopted son and their journey with AAC
  • Star In Her Eye ~ an AAC mom writes about her young daughter with a rare genetic condition and their AAC journey
  • Uncommon Sense ~ an AAC mom (former teacher and current SLP graduate student) writes about her young daughter with special needs and their AAC journey
  • voices4all ~ an AAC mom (and SLP) writes about the AAC journey with her teenage son, as well as AAC in her life as a speech-language pathologist
  • We Speak PODD ~ while not a blog in the traditional sense, this AAC mom to four non-verbal kids is documenting their PODD (AAC) journey on Facebook and is worth checking out
  • You Don't Say AAC ~ Angelman Syndrome and AAC; an AAC mom writes about her young adult daughter and their AAC journey


Blogs written by AAC professionals


Blogs written by AAC companies