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The Accessibility Toolbox - Providing Supports for Access to Curriculum

  • Federal Way, WA & Spokane, WA (map)

SETC Conference

"When it comes to providing access to standards based curriculum materials we often find ourselves starting at the same place, and arriving essentially at the same destination - accessibility. This may entail altering the cognitive difficulty of information, or translating into another language, providing TTS perhaps for a variety of languages, grammar and vocabulary supports including image or symbol support, signed or captioned videos, switch access to the content and more. Students often time need to utilize many or all of these solutions at the same time!

Learn how you and your learners can utilize tools for accessing/adapting content or providing on the fly access to print materials or electronic content with scan and read apps, extensions and tools for Chromebooks, apps for iPads and tablets, cloud based programs and more.

We will also be exploring alternative supports for writing including tools for video expression allowing students to easily create and demonstrate understanding of concepts, connections in learning or express their ideas in a multisensory approach utilizing green screen technology, apps and programs for recording, editing and presenting, integrating video into eBooks, adding captioning and visual supports within video.

A cross-platform and device specific matrix will be provided allowing you to build a toolbox of solutions for all students providing support from class to class, platform to platform, device to device and once they leave your class - homework supports as well."