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The Great Free Special Needs Garage Sale & Open House

The Great Free Special Needs Garage Sale and Open house is coming up in 2 weeks!

Friday May 19 between 9 and 7pm: Optional -- Drop off items you no longer need and want to offer to other families

Saturday May 20 9 – 5 “Shop” this sale. Even if you don’t find anything that works for your child, there will be cookies and chances to connect with old and new friends

Contact Rachel Trindle 425-753-7669 cell, texts ok for address and directions.

So give us a hint, what kind of stuff are we talking about? 
Huge range. Adapted clothing and shoes, special-needs-friendly games, toys, switches, pillows and supports, wheelchair parts, toileting supplies, chux, formula, feeding tube supplies and equipment, bean bags, air cushions, books, videos, various odds and ends that filled a need for our child and might be a creative solution for you. . .

Can I bring my kids? 
That’s up to your best judgement. Our home is wheelchair friendly, our pets are affectionate, but we’re not “child proofed” and our yard is not fully fenced.

My “child” is over 18. Can we still come? 
Of course. Many of the items available will be appropriate for teens or adults too.

I’m not actually a special needs parent, but I do provide therapy, respite, special education, or some other form of special-needs support. Can I take part?
Yes! Please do come.

Anything we can’t exchange? 
Please— no rx. medications and no expired formula. General rule of thumb—if it’s not something that would conceivably be useful to another family, please don’t bring it.

What if I want to sell something? This is a free exchange; however, if you have items to sell, you are welcome to have a photo with description and price and contact information. I’ll have a bulletin board where you can post and/or check for needed items. Please don’t bring actual sale items to the exchange—we don’t want any mix-ups.

Are the cookies gluten free? Probably not. How about if I provide some fresh fruit options too?

Why are you doing this? Many of you know that our youngest son, Daniel, passed away this spring. Throughout his life, we were the recipients of so much generosity and grace, we’d like to pass it on in some small way. Part of Daniel’s legacy was the way in which he taught us to value relationships. In the last few years, frequent health issues got in the way of a lot of social interaction, but I now have the time, space, and energy to organize this, and I feel like this is one way I can give back to the community of special needs caregivers who have been a support and lifeline.

What happens to stuff nobody wants? Everything has to go, so if it’s still around after 5 on Saturday, it will be donated (Bridge ministry or Goodwill), recycled, or taken to the dump.