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Creating Core Boards in Symbolstix Prime

SETC Webinar

Core vocabulary widely being incorporated into  Augmentative and Alternative Communication systems and teaching to support the development of a motor plan and allow learners to build and grow their skills over time. It is based on the idea that a small amount of words make up most of what we say and that access to these words provides flexible communication above and beyond what context specific communication boards provide (i.e. choice boards and activity boards). In this webinar we will discuss what words make up a core vocabulary and will focus on how to create a board using the picture communication symbols in Symbolstix Prime. 

Learning Objectives: In this webinar participants will

  • See examples of Core Vocabulary boards
  • Learn how to access SymbolstixPrime and an overview of the program
  • Learn how to make a core vocabulary board in SymbolstixPrime
  • Learn how to color code vocabulary according to part of speech