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It's Not Rocket Science: Planning Language Lessons from Core Standards

PRC Webinar

"Students who use AAC typically receive much of their language intervention in the classroom.  Given this, it is important to teach vocabulary and language concepts as well as academic content when delivering curriculum. In order to achieve this, often the curriculum may need to be modified and the essence of the core standard identified to match the abilities and learning styles of the students.

This class focuses on using backwards planning as a method to create authentic and meaningful lessons for emerging communicators. The sample lesson will include: identifying a Common Core standard, reframing that standard into a child-friendly learning target, planning for assessment, and determining the activity, instructional materials and lesson plan. Science lessons are used for the examples; however, this process can be applied to any content area. Video of educators and emerging communicators who use AAC will be shown to demonstrate the various stages of creating a lesson using backwards planning.

This class is intended for people who educate students who use AAC in a classroom setting."