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Career Development & Self-Determination to Achieve Transition Success: Expanding the Core Curriculum

Perkins eLearning online class

"Returning on October 8 – December 2, 2018 and runs for 8 weeksEarly bird expires on Monday, September 10, 2018. In this course, you will learn how to support children and youth with visual impairments, including those with additional disabilities, through the first four phases of the career education model (career awareness, exploration, preparation, and placement)

You will also be exposed to the last two phases of the career education model (maintenance and mentoring), which typically occur when adults are established on a career track. The Career Education construct encompasses career development, self-determination, and pre-employment skills.

An overview of transition assessment and planning requirements under federal law; as well as, appropriate implementation activities for instruction with students will be described. Assessment and programming for vision professionals working with families and students; as well as, other instructional and therapeutic staff will be introduced and explained.

Applied learning activities include reviews of pertinent articles and book chapters, to be discussed in an online forum, and a final course project involving the design of curricular materials or detailed transition plans and activities for specific students with visual impairments, including those with additional disabilities.