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Creating Assistive Technology Solutions in Minutes

Online class

"Starts on February 5 – April 1, 2018 and runs for 8 weeks.

Individuals who experience a vision loss and other disabilities need a variety of assistive technology solutions, and today over 80% of these solutions can be created in five minutes or less using everyday tools and materials.

This amazing hands-on online learning course will inspire you to think creatively outside the box and challenge you to use an assortment of materials to create solutions in minutes. The course is based on the book, Assistive Technology Solutions in Minutes II: Ordinary Items, Extraordinary Solutions. And hundreds of New How to Video clips of new inventions and creations by Dr. Willkomm.

You will use an assortment of the tools and materials described in the book and on video clips and will fabricate solutions, and share your solutions with others in the class by posting pictures and video clips. You will learn by watching clips, following step-by-step instructions and working with the materials.

The course consists of eight learning modules plus a final project in which students must fabricate a new solution to accommodate someone who experiences blindness, low vision or multiple disabilities.

Each learning module is based on chapters in the book. Students will take a test at the end of each module and will post pictures and video clips that demonstrate skill acquisition throughout the course."