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QIAT Book Study: Ch. 9 & 10 Professional Development & Improving AT webinar

SETC webinar

"The world of AT has exploded with new apps, software, hardware, and cloud services being launched weekly.  How do school district employees stay current?  This webinar gives ideas and resources on how to provide staff with necessary training on AT processes and tools without “breaking the bank.” “The goal of every educational agency is to establish effective, sustainable practices across the agency and across service areas.”  Now that we know the core components of quality AT, we are ready to discuss how to adopt new practices in order to build and sustain system change in the area of AT.  This webinar will be a time to reflect on your role in improving AT services in your districts.  There will be time to share the changes that have occurred as a result of your new learning and how to take baby steps towards better practices in AT."