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Use Your Head - Hands-Free Solutions in a Two Handed World

ATIA Webinar

"Thousands of individuals experience significant disabilities resulting in inability to use their hands and could benefit from hands-free solutions for eating, drinking, typing, working, playing, communicating and environmental access. This 60 minute webinar will discuss and demonstrate over 20 amazing hands free solutions that can be created in minutes for individuals who can simply use their head. This includes creating amazing quick fast lightweight multipurpose mouth sticks that can be made in minutes; hands free table top and wheelchair mounted drinking and eating solutions; low-cost head control switches for taking pictures, turning pages, and interacting with the iPad; switch access recipes for hands-free interactions with YouTube and other Internet websites; hands-free solutions for calling or sending text messages; hands-free solutions for self-care such as teeth brushing or hair drying; hands-free solutions for creating music or painting; hands-free a vacuum or leaf blowing solution or operating a drone using your head and hands-free solutions for shooting marshmallows.