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The What's the Complexity Framework: Designing a visually accessible school day for the child with CVI (Fall Session)

Perkins eLearning online course

“Starts on October 28, 2019 to December 15, 2019 and runs for 7 weeks. Participants will move toward an advanced understanding of the CVI Characteristics (Roman-Lantzy) with an emphasis on how they manifest in students who score in late Phase II and Phase III on The CVI Range (Roman-Lantzy).

We will study the characteristic "Difficulty with Visual Complexity" in depth, explore its central relationship to the other characteristics, and examine the ways in which it can impact behavior and access to education for a child with CVI. Our study of visual complexity will integrate the literature on cortical and cerebral visual impairment.

Participants will learn how to use The What's the Complexity Framework in order to evaluate the complexity of school environments, tasks and materials and to guide educational teams in creating more visually accessible, appropriate learning activities for children with CVI.

In addition to learning how to rate the complexity level of a particular environment or education task, we will also emphasize the importance of balancing the complexity of the environment and task in each activity, managing cumulative complexity and visual fatigue throughout the school day, assessing interpretation of two-dimensional images, and providing direct instruction in salient features.”