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Working with Students Using Switches: New and Emerging Technologies

SETC free webinar

Accommodations, Assessments, Tools, when does a UDL become AT!

Where, when and how to add AT and AAC into the IEP?

Writing IEP's is exhausting and not knowing if you are doing it right can be stressful. This webinar will, while not the most exciting part of what we do, help you have a better understanding of how to have AT/AAC documented and connected throughout the IEP. In this hour-long webinar, we will look at AT consideration, when UDL becomes AT, and how to ensure the Present Levels, assessments, goals, and accommodations are all connected. Examples of what and how to write goals, AT services and devices will be shared. We will also explore how to ensure your goals do not conflict with private practice goals and discuss WA State testing accommodations.”

Later Event: October 24
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