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AAC: Ready - Set - GOAL! Part 2

Saltillo FREE webinar

“This course follows AAC: Ready – Set – GOAL! Part One. In Part Two, we will continue to address the unique challenges of writing goals for individuals who use AAC, including differences in language acquisition, environmental considerations, and communication partner considerations. Rather than reviewing a bank of goals, in this course, we will continue to use the goal attainment scale and SMART terminology as a framework for writing meaningful goals.

This course will pick up with covering the communicative competences for AAC, taking an in depth look at social and strategic communicative competencies. Participants will engage in goal writing in order to learn SMART terminology. We will discuss monitoring progress, as a goal is only as good as your ability to measure it. This course will help participants reflect on where their client is (baseline), where they want to go (goals), and how to get there (a plan).

It is necessary for participants to take Part One prior to taking Part Two for understanding.”