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My AAC Journey: Switches to Eye Gaze to Infinity!

SETC free webinar

“Karanveer Singh is super excited to be back for his second SETC webinar. In this presentation, he plans to focus on his AAC Journey, starting with his early head switch use to his success with eye gaze for both communication and computer navigation. Most importantly, he sees infinite possibilities for what he can achieve using assistive technology and AAC. During this webinar, Karanveer presents his PowerPoint, videos and speech output by accessing two computer systems using both eye gaze and head mouse technology. Karanveer will share his experiences and opinions about the latest technology such as the Tecla E switch interface, Tobii Dynavox with Communicator 5, Grid 3 software with Fast Talker and a Surface tablet with Tobii eye gaze bar. Karanveer will inspire and amaze you with his knowledge, determination, humor and positive spirit! As a young man living with cerebral palsy who uses AAC software to communicate with the world, he wants to spread the word that infinity has no limits and neither does he! One more thing, he wants to be a super rich guy!!”