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Caught Modeling Core

ATIA Live webinar

“This session aims to inspire Speech-Language Pathologists and other school professionals (i.e., related service members, administrators, teachers, and paraprofessionals) to take a collaborative approach when treating students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), through a Positive Behavior Intervention and Strategy (PBIS) program called “Caught Modeling Core”. “Caught Modeling Core” was implemented by two Speech-Language Pathologists, who after attending last year’s ATIA conference made it their goal to increase understanding and use of core vocabulary throughout the Autism Program in which they work. This program helped us not only gauge information on how to improve core vocabulary in our school setting, but provided us with the data that indicated there was an increase in all areas of understanding/use of core vocabulary from pre- to post- program. Participants attending this session will learn the importance of core vocabulary, the importance of taking a collaborative approach when working with children, and tips/tricks on how to implement a collaborative program in one’s own setting.”