Earning Continuing Education Credits

ASHA has mandated continued professional development for certification maintenance. The renewal period is every 3 years. The following are ASHA approved ways to accumulate hours:

  1. ASHA continuing education units (CEUs). NWACS has opted not to offer ASHA sponsored CEU credits due to the cost. If this cost is passed on to conference attendees, registration could increase as much as $40 per person.

  2. Accumulation of professional contact hours. These are activities which can be recorded and used towards ASHA certification hours. They will not show up on your online CEU registry, however are valid hours and can count towards your 3 year certification maintenance total. Each attendee will receive a signed certificate of completion which can be used as proof of hours. The following information must be included for ASHA records:

Once you have completed 30 continuing education hours, you have met ASHA’s requirement. You may submit your compliance forms online through your ASHA account.

ASHA Certification Maintenance Hours (CMH) = 60 minutes spent in a professional development activity as a learner or participant (does not include breaks) 

1 CMH = 0.1 CEU   
10 CMH = 1.0 CEUs
30 CMH = 3.0 CEUs

10 CMH = 1 quarter hour college coursework 
15 CMH = 1 semester hour academic coursework