NWACS call for pictures!

Do you use AAC?  Do you have a loved one who communicates through an AAC system?  Do you have a client, student, friend, or co-worker who uses AAC to communicate?  Here is a fun way to get involved with NWACS!  We are collecting images of children and adults in our community communicating through AAC.  And we need your help!

A picture is worth a thousand words.  This especially holds true with AAC!  We need pictures featuring AAC to add sparkle to our new website!  This will not only add visual interest to our website, but will also help those new to AAC have a better understanding of what AAC looks like - in all its many forms.  These images can include communication systems in any form and at every "technology" level; in fact, the more variety the better!  We are looking for photos highlighting the communication systems, not necessarily the user.  So that means that the face of the person using the AAC system does not need to be visible.  Actually, shots taken from behind/over the shoulder to give a better view of the AAC system in use would be ideal!  (See the photo on our Welcome page for an example.)  Pictures showing AAC being used in a variety of contexts would be a bonus!  Because the need and desire to communicate happens everywhere!

We do need a photo release form for any picture to be displayed on the NWACS website and social media pages.  Photo release forms can be downloaded here.

We are looking forward to featuring local AAC users (and their communication systems) to help further the education and awareness of "what is AAC"!  Pictures (along with a signed release form and short description of the pictured communication system) can be submitted via email to: info@nwacs.info